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Terms & Conditions

Use of my patterns constitutes agreement and acceptance of these terms.


My husband and I test my free patterns before publishing them. However, we accept no liability or responsibility regarding quality, accuracy or anyone's use of my free patterns or information, and we provide no guarantees. My free patterns and information are simply provided free as a sewing and crafting community service. In using my free patterns and information, you agree not to hold us responsible for any outcome you may have from their use.

Visitors and Web Sites

We have worked hard to provide, free patterns and information, of good quality.My patterns and information are for the personal use of our visitors only. All of our patterns and pages are copyright protected by Patury's Design. This means that only visitors to my site can print or copy them, and then they are for our visitors own personal use only.

Selling items made from my patterns

You may sell items you have personally made with my patterns. However, you are not allowed to sell or distribute the patterns in any manner.

Special circumstances

Questions regarding the proper use of my patterns and information, should be sent via email to me. I would be pleased to answer them.

Copyright law

For more information about copyright law, see He explains, that just because an item is provided for free, does not mean that it is not copyright protected. You may not post my patterns anywhere on the internet without written permission. You may not HOT LINK to any page or graphic on this website. If you wish to post a link to one of our pages, which sends a visitor to our site, that is permitted. We always appreciate referrals. The following is an example: Vest, Aprons, Crafts & Free Patterns


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