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Recycled Grocery Bag Rug Instructions

Recycled Grocery Bag Rug Instructions

I received many emails from people who liked the idea of recycling grocery bags for making a rug. To be honest, this idea does not belong to me. I got it from one of my Russian friends. It took about 60 Wal-Mart bags to make a rug of the size you see on the picture on my web-site. I cut each bag into spiral strips about 2.5-3 inches in width. Then I just tied the ends of the strips with square knots and made one big roll like a ball of yarn. Then I crocheted with the 6.5 mm crochet hook. When I got through crocheting the rug some of the knots were on the front (face) side of the rug and I had to pull them through to the back side to have the finished look.

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