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Welcome to my Introduction Page

I invite you to view my handmade vest, sewing, aprons, dolls, crafts, clothes reconstruction, recycling, free patterns and other interests my inspiration directs me to.
My name is Larysa Patury. First, I want to thank the people that have visited my site and given me their constructive criticism about it and in doing so made it a better site for others. Here you will find some sewing projects using anything from recycled men's ties and old shirts to new fine and casual materials. Craft examples will be seen of dolls made with recycled panty hose to lamp shades made of silk ivy leaves along with cross stitching and knitting. You are free to browse through my sewing instructions, free patterns and tutorials. Every thing on the pages of this site were all made using my own design from original handmade patterns and constructed by me (unless otherwise noted). My interest changes often meaning that you never know what I will be working on next, be it "T" shirt surgery, Russian dolls, flowers from recycled stockings, skirts, western shirts, pillows or recycled grocery bag rugs and other useful decorative crafts. As I do more and different things you will find not only examples of them but also tips on how they were done and sometimes even instructions or tutorials.

You are invited to share my interest and my creations. Maybe you will even share what you see here with others. I also hope to receive your comments and questions concerning what you might like to see or what you think of what is here. Please send any questions or comments via the "Email" link in the right side of the menu.

I enjoy sewing and making crafts, but making vests is my second love (my husband being the first). Vests are quick, relatively easy and make a great canvas for trying out new construction techniques or embellishment ideas. You can just slip one on over a top and a skirt or pants. It adds versatility, pulls together an outfit and makes a wonderful substitute for a jacket. Whether you want a business, office casual, or weekend look, the right fabric can make your vest versatile enough to meet your needs. Everyone needs a basic vest, which goes with many styles of clothes. It is like a little jacket without being quite as formal or restricting.

Vests truly are wonderful garments for making a showcase of special materials. If the fabric is wide enough, the garment will not be too expensive, since you only need one vest length. Further more you can make each one unique.

Don and Effigy Pillow.jpg
My husband Don setting next to the pillow portrait I made of him.

Don created this website for me at no cost to us by using free programs to create the graphics and the website. On the links page you will find a link to his site (Best Web Stop) for information on how he did this among other things.

NOTICE! Please do not take anything from this site to post, use or distribute, that is not marked free, without express written permission from me. All content within this site is the sole property of Patury's Design unless stated otherwise and anyone caught misusing my property is by law subject to prosecution. Thank you.

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