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Covered Button Instructions

Covered Button Instructions

If you want your buttons to be inconspicuous or if your fabric is difficult to match, you can make buttons covered with self-fabric. For a covered button, select a button (or a bone ring) the size of the button you need. Cut a piece of fabric slightly less than twice the diameter of the button (or the bone ring). Gather the edge of the fabric with a small running stitch. Insert the button (or the bone ring), pull up the gathering thread, and secure. Back can be covered with a smaller fabric circle, gathered around edge, and slip stitched in place. Attach with a shank.

Individually decorated buttons can match or contrast with a garment.  When using a small-scale print, center the motif on the button.  Underline lace or eyelet with a matching or contrasting fabric.   Use embroidery to monogram an initial, outline a motif, stitch a simple design directly on the face of the button or stitch small beads to button for a sparkling effect.

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